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NAPMA Will Help You to Achieve your Martial Arts Business Goals faster!

The National Association of Professional Martial Artist has helped thousands of
Professional Martial Arts School Operators from all over the world, grow their schools

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About Us

NAPMA is THE SOURCE for the most successful, professional martial arts school owners to gather, collaborate, learn and grow together.

Our members are SERIOUS about success, for both their students and their business.

If you want to learn how to attract more new martial arts students (kids, adults or both), serve your students at the highest level, create a superior program and become a pillar in your community, this is the right place for you!

  • Attract More New Students

    Want to help more students benefit from your program? We’re THE UNDISPUTED heavyweight champions of “Martial Arts Marketing”, and our programs will help you attract more new students into your school without breaking the bank on ineffective advertising.

  • Amazing Student Service

    You’ll create raving fans with our amazing student service systems.

  • Build a World Class Staff

    You’ll set your school up for success with our staff development and continuing education programs. Your students deserve the best instruction, and with these systems, they’ll get it!

  • Effective Business Systems

    Running a successful martial arts school is hard work. Our PROVEN “in the trenches” business systems will help you get more done, with less headaches and stress.

What others say about us

Jhoon Rhee

“My Student, Stephen Oliver is the new generation of leaders in the Martial Arts Industry. It’s important to me to have him on my Team to really continue developing my business.”

Jhoon RheeFather of American TaeKwonDo
Kyoshi Dave Kovar

“Stephen Oliver knows the martial arts profession as well as anyone. He brings with him an amazing intellect and a unique perspective honed from years in the trenches.”

Kyoshi Dave KovarKovars Satori Academy
Joe Corley

“Stephen Oliver is one of those highly competent, hard working, visionary people who can literally make things happen by bringing all the resources he has to a project and by inspiring those around him to work synergistically in the effort. He consistently sees what is possible and works tirelessly for powerful results.”

Joe CorleyPresident - Joe Corley Karate - Founder Battle of Atlanta
Tommy Lee

“I would personally recommend this Bootcamp to anyone and everyone interested. I’m so impressed with your program that you may give out my number if anyone needs a testimonial to make them come to your next event.”

Tommy LeeEast Coast Martial Arts - Step by Step Business Systems