National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA) terms of membership.

The information you receive from NAPMA regarding the operation of a martial arts school is privileged and you agree not to disseminate this information to non-members.

You agree that many of the systems, procedures, instructional material and promotional material you may benefit from as a client member of NAPMA contain Copy written material or Trademarked Names and Marks and you agree to use this material only so long as you are a client member of Martial Arts Professional, LLC – DBA Stephen Oliver’s Inner Circle (Peak Performer’s and Maximum Impact). Upon terminating your membership you will discontinue use of any and all materials received during your membership and cease identifying yourself as a member (including removing membership stickers and certificates.)

Your membership agreement will remain in force and you agree to a 90 day written notice to cancel.  All enrollments are for a minimum initial term of 12 months in order to give adequate time to really get up and running with the many tools and systems available.

Written notice will be accepted via certified mail to:

Mailing Address:

Martial Arts Professional, LLC
14143 Denver West Parkway, Suite 100
Golden, CO 80401

Or, via fax to:   1-800-795-0583

Notice is not valid via email or voicemail.

All ads, flyers, student handouts, student newsletters, etc are copy protected by NAPMA and may only be used by members during their membership term. You may not use photos, artwork, or other materials received during membership after termination or cancellation.

Martial Arts Professional, LLC DBA National Association of Professional Martial Artists® (aka NAPMA) NAPMA®, Little Ninjas®, ACMA®, EZ Defense®, Random Acts of Kindness®, Martial Arts Professional®, Kickin Kids®, and Fitness Kick Boxing® are all registered trademarks of Martial Arts Professional, LLC All rights reserved. May be used appropriately only by members only in accordance with specific licensing rights as granted.


Regarding Stephen Oliver’s Inner Circle and Peak Performer’s

This is a high level coaching, mentoring, and “mastermind” program designed to grow your Martial Arts School and your personal income from running your school(s.)

Elements of the Programs:

In general the key elements of the program include monthly one-on-one coaching calls, quarterly Peak Performers & Inner Circle Meetings, and monthly teleconference calls on months when we don’t do a live meeting. You additionally will be receiving a all content from the NAPMA Maximum Impact program which includes huge amount of additional training materials via Audio MP3, and Online Streaming Video and a huge amount of support materials including the student support materials of the Kickin Newsletter, Lessons of the Week, National Black Belt Club Support Materials, the NAPMA Leadership Program, and Assistant Instructor G.O.L.D. Team Reports (Guidance on Leadership Development) all accessible from the private “Member’s Only” website.   Please make sure we have your best email address on file since you will be receiving member content updates on a regular basis via email.   Additionally, you’ll be receiving the “Mile High Maverick” Newsletter.

For your maximum results we highly recommend providing as much detail as possible to us on an ongoing basis regarding your operations, operating statistics (forms for reporting provided,) profit and loss statements, and various challenges and opportunities, prior to coaching calls and live-meetings.

This process has been responsible for a huge number of success stories.   As however, I’m sure you’re aware you alone are responsible for the outcome of your business decisions and implementation. We’ll share with you the strategies and opportunities that other very successful school owners are using – but, you must IMPLEMENT aggressively and quickly to have success with the program.

A few notes regarding access and communications.

First, we pre-schedule one-on-one calls at least 90 days in advance. If regularly scheduled days or times are inconvenient for you please contact the office right away and, we’ll work to accommodate with a more convenient time slot.   If you have an emergency or other unforeseen conflict if you give at least 7 days notice we’ll attempt to accommodate a rescheduled time.   No-Shows will not be rescheduled.   Last minute conflicts may be accommodated as long as you communicate by fax, vm, or text ahead of time.

Second, a note regarding EMAIL. While we do occasionally communicate via email – frankly, it’s flakey and all of our key staff members are inundated with email – therefore communications via email often fall through the cracks.   Additionally, we are not on an “immediate response” mode with the program.   Urgent communications about pending problems or opportunities will be responded to within 7 – 10 days. Longer around holiday’s or vacations.   We recommend that you communicate via the DISCUSSION forum for any non-sensitive issue. For more sensitive issues that cannot wait until your scheduled call – we’d recommend fax (1-800-795-0583.)

As a final note. The two KEY elements of the program for most participants are the one-on-one calls and the live events.   We recommend and encourage you to bring key staff to the live events (at no additional tuition.)   We make every effort to set events as far ahead as possible and recognize that it’s impossible for everyone to attend every event. However we encourage you to attend all events, and at a minimum request commitment for 75% attendance. Additionally we encourage you to include key staff members on our one-on-one calls or, to record for reference and staff training purposes. I give permission to charge as amounts as agreed above. All monies paid are earned when received and non-refundable.   I agree to the terms and conditions of the program as discussed and outlined above, and agree to be billed for the full-term as committed.


Regarding the Inner Circle Specifically.

A final note regarding the INNER CIRCLE. The minimum Threshold to move into Inner Circle and be involved in that Master-Mind environment is approximately $500,000 per year for a single school operation or, $1,000,000 per year for a multiple school operation.   It’s obviously the goal of all Peak Performer’s to move into the Inner Circle. If you’ve registered on the three year commitment you’re guaranteed the rates for the time that you registered for Peak Performer’s for the higher level program. If you’ve prepaid – you’re honored at that level with no additional charge for the Inner Circle once you qualify.